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03-02-2009, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by qurgh View Post
But they aren't giving us the Klingon name. To me it's so odd to stand on a bridge of a Klingon ship and have to refer to it by the Vulcan assigned name (since it's based on the Enterprise one and the Vulcan's named it).

Why can't they give us Klingon names for the Klingon ships, instead of making it Feddie centric!
Quite true, quite true. Hopefully, we'll get such names for all our ships, at some point.

I might suggest calling the original a K'rak-class vessel (qI'raq, in tlhIngan Hol). It doesn't mean anything in Klingon, just like B'rel, K'vort and K'tinga don't, but it sounds Klingon to those who don't speak the language, and the name has similarities to bI'rel, qI'vo'rIt and qItI'nga'.
The name sounds like Kurak, which would be a nice allusion to those who have read this article, but it wouldn't be explicitly stated that this is the origin of the name; technically, it could just be a coincidence. We don't know how Klingons go about naming their ship classes, after all.