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12-27-2011, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
And I have a question. Do higher quality Doffs have higher proc rates when slotted into active duty? Or are they just better for running DOFF missions?
Higher proc rates or bigger effects, depending on the specialization.

For the OP's questions:

1. Open both the exchange and Doff window and drag them from the reserve roster (they have to be on reserve - being in the active roster, sickbay, or on assignment will lock them) to the sell window. If there's a little lock by their traits, they're bound and you can't sell them.

2. Nearly all doffs bind to you if you put them on active roster, but being "part of your crew" just means they're on the active roster - if you put one that's already bound there you'll get the same prompt.

3. To "recycle" them just hit the dismiss button on their dossier. As for strategy, go through one specialization at a time.
Security officers, technicians, and doctors/nurses taken together are worth having extras of, any other spec more than 2 you can afford to dismiss extras to make room.
If you're maxed in diplomacy, the use for chefs, bartenders, and entertainers is very low, and you don't really need more than one diplomat and advisor. A few rare assignments use them outside of diplomacy, but not many.

Always dismiss from the bottom up. If you have 5 biologists but 3 are blue, that's more worth keeping than 3 white deflector officers, because those blues can be used for all kinds of jobs just to bump your quality bonus up.

4. Doff effects are all passive. Most randomly occur when you use the powers they apply to - for example, if you have projectile weapons officers, every torpedo hit you score has a chance to lower the cooldowns on your torpedo launchers.