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12-27-2011, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by cowkiller75
well i would agree with this but, the prototype really never drops i have done over 60 elite missions and never have i gotten a purple prototype salvage. it really makes me mad all i get is 2 chips and maybe blue rare salvage.... i dont think they exist. maybe i'm unlucky but i feel the loot drop is broken and unevan at best. the new system has made it a grind fest. with no reward for the mk xii in sight. the blue rare salvage needs to be worth the same on the same stuff.. well what i mean is 40 chips for a item ok. maybe 15 rares for the same. and a way to get the mk xii's i will never see the mk xii's at this rate. THIS NEEDS FIXED.
I've gotten Prototype Borg Salvage, and been on teams with people who get Prototype Borg Tech. So it does exist, but it could be more often of a drop.