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# 3 The Week Off
12-27-2011, 05:19 PM
U.S.S. Nightingale, Captain's Log. Commander Mat reporting.

We have been given a week's shore leave by Starfleet Command. Jinx took her two Trill passengers and went off to Trill to relax. She said something about caves and pools. And rocks too. Nothing to shoot, nothing to drink, so I wasn't really interested. It didn't sound like something you should do when out to relax and blow off steam.

Before she left, so told me to head to Risa to let the crew have their breaks, so that's where we are now. I've just allowed the second party to beam down. I lost the pool for the first batch. I bet that crewman Finlay would be the first back to the ship, but I was wrong. Timmons got himself injured while fishing. The idiot fell in too close to the rapids. The pool went to Vranlek. He said it would be Timmons. My bet for round two is Wilson. He has some fool idea about skydiving. I've not decided if we'll be bringing him back to go to sickbay or the morgue.

One and Two have declined shore leave, saying they prefer to continue working. Jinx said they might, so I let them. Odd though, but then what do you expect from Borg?

Vranlek sent an encrypted message while we were en route, and has requested he take his shore leave later in the week. I think he has arranged to meet with some of his Reman resistance friends.

Henriette is on planet now. She is effectively in charge of the people down there, but knowing her, she is sat on a beach somewhere with a cocktail. That alien Rotolayso is down there with her.

Tiss is staying about ship as well. He is currently in holodeck 3, hunting Targ, or something. It sounds interesting, I may have a look later when I am off duty.

Vranlek (and Tiss when Vranlek goes on leave) will be acting as my second-in-command until Jinx gets back.


Captains Log, Addendum.

I won the pool for round two. Wilson managed to break three legs, 4 arms, and twelve ribs during his skydive. Most of the broken bones were his own, but there were other casualities. Fortunately, the boat he crashed into was carrying someone trained in first aid who could stabilise the injured until they could be beamed back up. The doctor says he should be back on duty by the time leave is over.