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# 4 Respite, However Brief Part 1
12-27-2011, 07:00 PM
"Thank Manna Mordeth, I thought we'd never be let off."

Krovennan slumped slightly in his chair as the Blacksabre-E orbited Earth, he had just received a hail with the most gglorious news he had heard in a long time.

Shore Leave.

For six weeks Krovennan and his crew had gotten what could only be described as some kinnd of divine punishment, cataloguing 300 speciees of new pplants, most of which useless, was not what Krovennan or his crew were made for. Tallasa, who was sitting in the chair to Krovennan's left, was the first to speak to Krovennan.

"So, where shall we go? A week of doing whatever we want is what the crew needs, after cataloguing several new species of carrots, I'll just be glad to lie down for a week."

"Well now, we have plenty of options, Risa, Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, DS9, Drozana. But we can only pick one, Drehera, are you getting anything from the crew?"

"Nothing I can ascertain for certain Vice Admiral, I can feel everyone is happy about the shore leave, but I cant make out which one would be the best choice based on their emotional responses to certain ideas, theres too many different choices."

"Seems to me like we need somewhere with everything."

"You have a plan Vice Admiral?"

"Yes Dorryd, I want you to activate Navigation Protocol 00A-4, set a course for that location at maximum warp once you are ready."

Dorryd typed few commands into his console, followed by several small beeps before he looked at the readout on his console and turned to face Krovennan again.

"Sir, these co-ordinates will take us into Deep Space, there isn't anything out there."

"Not quite so Dorryd, set a course."

"Aye sir."

The Blacksabre-E pulled away from Earth orbit and headed for beyond the solar system, rocketing past Earth Spacedock in seconds, once past the system, the warp core began to hum lowly, gradually becoming louder and higher pitched, a small glow from the four nacelles built up, and suddenly, the ship roared into movement, travelling the stars as fast as the core could manage.

It didn't take long before the Blacksabre reappeared at it's intended destination, Krovennan ordered the viewscreen on, to be greeted by empty space.

"Sir, I don't understand, what is your plan?"

"Well Tallasa, I suggest you look again."

Tallasa did so, only to be greeted by a small instantaneous flash directly in front of them, followed by a keening sound and the opening of a massive wormhole, the wormhole bathed the bridge in a bright turquoise glow, making Tallasa recoil slightly while her eyes adjusted. When Tallasa looked again, she was struck with realisation.

"Vice Admiral, is this what I think it is?"

"Indeed, this is the wormhole I came through six years ago, on the other side is the territory of my people, and just a bit further, lies my home system, with every possible terrain you can imagine spread across 7 planets in two systems. Patch me into the ship comms please Dale, I'd like to address the crew."

"Aye sir, patching now...your in sir."

"Attention crewmen of the Blacksabre-E, as you know, Starfleet has given us a week of Shore Leave, so I plan to give something back to the fine crew that has served with me for three years, if you havent already, look out your nearest viewport and you should see a littl suprise I have for you. We'll be going rather further abroad for this one, so I give you the fastest way to another corner of the galaxy, the Harpy's Nest Wormhole.

There will be no determined holiday, as we have the measn to take you to whatever destination you please, I'm going to organise some shuttles to head to the different planets while in transit, in the meantime, pack for your preferred shore leave, it'll take us two hours to reach Vilscaran Space, shuttles leave in four. Darksabre out."

"I imagine the next few hours will be rather hectic."

"No doubt Tallasa, but we'll worry about it later, Dorryd, through the wormhole, then set course for Vilscar, we'll park the ship there."

The Blacksabre-E entered the wormhole and reached it's destination on time, the Vilscaran ships passed as if nothing was different, inciting gasps of awe from some of the less veteran crew members when they passed some of the larger ad more impressive ships. Soon, 7 shuttles were prepared, one for each planet, Krovennan entered the bustling Shuttlebay with a small bag, he would be heading for Storindel Coast on Vilscar itself.

Krovennan found the shuttle he needed and took a seat, the cargo bay had been refitted to hold a large amount of people, just enough as it turned out, he noticed Tallasa, Anderson and Gohlren on board as well. Gohlren had expressed interest in heading for Ossal, the capital of Vilscar, so he would not see her at the coast in all likelihood.

The Shuttles departed in quick succession, those leaving the system engaging the Warp drives almost as soon as they cleared the planet's orbit, Krovennan's suttle headed for the planet surface at a steep incline, but the artificial gravity removed any evidence of it.

A small jolt from the shuttle heralded the entry into the planet's atmosphere, Krovennan took a deep breath and allowed himself to relax for a second.

It was good to be home...