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# 5 Respite, However Brief Part 2
12-27-2011, 08:32 PM
Krovennan relaxed on one of the many beaches along Storindel Coast, this part of Vilscar was quite warm, but just a few miles inland lay a deep forest, where Anderson was residing now, on a camping trip with a few other crewmen.

Krovennan felt refreshed to see not a Uniform in sight, everyon had changed into more appropriate clothing, last thing they needed was heatstroke from those uniforms to keep them in sickbay for the whole shore leave. Krovennan himself had changed, a thin dark red shirt and grey trousers was a welcome relief from his black Vice Admiral Coat, he kept his combadge close however, just in case.

Krovennan was reading a Holo-Paper under a large tree when he heard a familiar voice from above him.

"Mind if I sit next to you sir? I need to get out of the sun for a bit."

Tallasa ws standing over Krovennan, she had also discarded her uniform for a red bikini, she had been trying to sunbathe, though Krovennan was personally not sure how blue skin worked in the sun.

"You may indeed Tallasa, I was just reading. Why did you pick the beach anyway? I would have thought that you would have joined Gyzit on Tolvar."

Tallasa sat down in a deckchair next to Krovennan, she seemed relived to be in the shade.

"Tolvar's an ice planet, I would have just gone to Andoria if I craved the cold, I decided to try something a bit out of the norm."

"I see, I wonder how he's getting on right now."

"Probably climbing a mountain with nothing more than a pair of ice picks and a handful of rations, besides, its Gohlren I'm thinking about, shes probably going to be buying several new bags just to carry whatever she bought."

"Gohlren will probably be still in Holad District, the amount of fashion shops there is absurd, bet you som of the Ensigns have been hired to help her carry around the purchases."

"Yeah, I wouldn't be suprised if the shuttle had to make two trips."

"Anderson's not in any danger of predators in that arm of the forest, Dale's gone off to a resort with Gruturu, Kel's with Gyzit, Roopaw's visiting family, Saavip is visiting a religious monument for research, as usual, and Rini should be enjoying the Manna'gahr tournament seems everyone is fine."

"Yeah, I think I'll go get a drink, I'll see you at the hotel this evening."

The rest of the week passed with very little incident, and when it came time to return, the crew re-entered Federation space ready for whatever lay ahead, the brief respite doing them the world of good.