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12-27-2011, 08:07 PM
I am quoting what I posted on the massively article comment site:

A very well wrtiten article. I don't think it was too biased for or against STO devs.

As for the last piece about star wars, my feeling is this:
We ask for them to give us more Star Trek stuff and instead we get Star Wars stuff.
The only true Star Trek stuff I feel we have gotten is the DOFF system.
I love star wars and play many of the games (not SWTOR because i'm poor) but I also know what Star Trek feels and looks like. Its not Star Wars. The fact that I feel they have given us very little in the way of true Star Trek should tell you why I do not care for thei rhomage to Star Wars. I wouldn't mind it as much if I felt this game was more Star Trek.