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12-27-2011, 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by Dunnlang
Agreed, I found it to be quite good for those reasons.

My only concern, and I am leaving them here rather than Massively due to registration, is referring to the DOff system as a Card Game. I think that the DOff system mechanically shares very little with any card game (and I play/test many games). In spirit, the DOffs themselves can be viewed as "cards". Unfortunately calling them a Card Game really distracts from the style of game play and can be a turn off to people, like me, who do not care for card games.

It was a great article and I appreciated the balance. I will be looking forward to the next one.
If you like the DOFF system, and they refer to it as a card game, that makes you like the DOFF system less? If you like it or don't, it shouldn't matter what one calls it.

Truth is, it's absolutely correct. It's what instantly popped into my head when I started playing with the system, and it features most of the elements. Random packs of "cards" that you open, containing "cards" with various abilities and rarities. You use these cards to play a "round" (mission) in which their stats are used to make calculations against a system created "deck", there are some random rolls, you win or lose.

Sounds pretty much like a card game, to me. It's just not as deep - yet. It's missing the layer of active strategy. You set up the game, you make your "deck" (whatever officers you are sending off) and then...wait. No chance to think quickly or assist/diminish your chances of winning until they report back.

I very much enjoy the DOFF system, but I hope eventually that is expanded upon - perhaps while playing, a pop-up alerts you that the team needs help, or you to make a decision, etc. that can affect final outcome. They also need to look at the rewards; the only incentive I see (besides the fact I like playing the game) is more duty officers, which you use to do more missions, which get you the same minor rewards. Right now I'm playing to level up, the trinkets you get are kind of beside the point, as is the tiny amounts of dilithium you earn. If this system is going to keep me playing long term, there needs to be more to it than earning titles and getting more duty and bridge officers (and enough with the Bridge Officer missions - way too many, and too few ways to get good duty officers, aside from completing a tier).