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12-28-2011, 12:12 AM
That has always been the problem with lower tier PVP, they nerfed the XP gains from PVP so its far quicker to level doing PVE than PVP so nobody really PVP's at lower tiers unless they are bored.

That combined with this games low PVP population and you have nobody really pvp'ing at lower tiers, you might be lucky and get 1 match or so in prime time, but outside of that forget it.

Star trek should do with TOR does and scale all the lower tier players ships to be effective at rear admiral level. So buff their HP and damage to compensate for the player level and lack of weapon slots / bo powers. All but up to max rank. So once you hit max rank you only fight other max rank players ( unlike TOR at the moment i believe max rank pvp should be kept separate from lower tiers.)

There should really be only two types of PVP levels, which would really help lower level PVP.

1) Max rank PVP ( currently rank 51 what everyone plays at now)
2) Everything lower than that ( all ranks <51 merge into one gametype and scale ships accordingly)