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12-28-2011, 04:13 AM
The thing I hate most about the loot in the STF's is the "reward" loot that comes up if a team works well enough together to complete the bonus objective.

The last time I checked 3 does not go into 5 very well, so at best (even ignoring people who just "need" everything) at least 2 people will go away with nothing.

Everyone contributed to the team managing to get the objective complete, so (in my opinion anyway) everyone should get something, even if they don't specifically want it and just end up selling it or giving it to a friend or fleet.

The best way would be 5 items and everyone gets a shot at them, and everyone can only get ONE item not all of them (which is really annoying when that happens). If you select "need" on all the items it should be random as too which one you actually get.

Sure there are things in the loot bag I would rather have (such as rare borg salvage) but at the end of the day I would rather everyone came away with something (even an unwanted console) for working as a team than several of the team getting nothing for their efforts.

Having the Need, Greed, Pass system on 3 items for a team of 5 that worked well together just seems grossly unfair and doesn't reward teamwork the way it is meant to.

We'll that's my opinion on it anyway :-)