Thread: Need vs greed
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I would suggest making NEED double your roll. That way anyone selecting GREED has their chance cut in half against the NEED. Example: Player A chooses NEED and the roll is 25, Player B chooses GREED and the roll is 40. The NEED roll is doubled and still beats GREED with an effective 50. However, that won't always happen so nobody can just spam NEED and take everything.
You'll never get rid of the farmers who need on everything so it seems best to make sure everyone has a fighting chance. If you are in a group and someone really, really needs an item, it's probably bind on equip so it can be given to that person.

As for chips and bind on pickup loot, everyone either needs or doesn't need them. There doesn't have to be a greed option.

FYI: Bind on pickup has to be the dumbest idea ever implemented in any game.