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12-28-2011, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by XxDocToR_DeaThxX
ok there's another thing...i thought Data was destroyed in Nemesis because he ended up blowing himself up along with that big romulan ship that the Enterprise-E did he get ressurected? I don't think the nexis is anywhere near romulan space, lol. Does anybody know if there is a story explaining on how Data managed to survive a warp core breach?(assuming that's what ultimately destroyed that Romulan ship).
Data's body was destroyed but after a while his data, memories, and personality were put into the body of the other Soong type android from Nemesis, B4...

As for the Odyssey Class, the class would have been created for new ships, with the Enterprise-E still the Flagship of Starfleet. It would have been planned for replacement anyway, or another refit.
Remember, every Enterprise except the TOS and the D was originally destined to be another ship, until the previous Enteprise was destroyed, when it was renamed.