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12-28-2011, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by KlausWulfenbach View Post
I approve of them not making the new sets superior to the old sets. It helps prevent the entire game from feeling like a treadmill with a carrot on a stick dangled in front of you. I don't object to the idea of rebalancing the new sets some, but I would prefer that they remain merely "different" instead of "better."
Okay, a valid concern, but on the other hand consider this. In order to acquire the MACO/Honor Guard/Omega items, at worst you have to hop on that treadmill for 120 runs. As previously mentioned by Pococurante, the old borg set costs 15 runs. The Aegis set costs materials to craft.

Both "Legacy Sets" cost much less to obtain and provide more substantial bonuses. Would you be okay with all the sets costing 120 STF runs?

What about the MK XII versions that are dropped at about 0.6% (estimated)? I'm sure you'd agree that such ultra rare items should be spec'd accordingly.

Like it or not, the time invested to get the items should be reflected in the final product. Players should feel rewarded for their time spent.

We've had almost 2 years of Aegis/Borg as the top tier items, IMHO the new gear should be:
  1. Fixed so that the mechanics are working as intended.
  2. Make the MK XII items "Gold" or Legendary (with stats and abilities to match)
  3. Re-balance the MK XI items be on par (at a minimum) with the Legacy items
  4. All given consoles or a "unique set weapon" (4 part sets vs. 3 part) to further promote variety in builds.

All that said, I'm not expecting BorticusCryptic to wave a wand and do all that. Some things are harder to implement, take time to produce etc. Yet long term, with F2P there needs to be more gear for players to "grind" over time. By adding 1 item to each of the existing sets you'd add (at worst) another 40 STF runs for MK XI.

I'm really hoping that BorticusCryptic shares some of his thoughts on what's going to be done. I like the direct blunt this is the way it is honesty.