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Originally Posted by Shkelton View Post
Yes thank you for the information - most helpful indeed.

Now if only someone would put together a primer of all the different Doff's, what their traits really mean and the missions they can be used for has a growing list of doffs. It's already got hundreds and it's not even approaching complete, there's just so damn many. It does have a near-complete list of their active roster powers (last I checked it was still missing a couple of the ultra-rare alternate powers).

Traits mean nothing ... sort of. Traits don't play a part when they're slotted on the active roster, and they don't have a direct impact on assignments outside of the outcomes, and for outcomes, it's just a matching game. I'll pull a random doff slot from my assignment log:

Any Officer
Critical success: Telepathic, Seductive, Unscrupulous
Success: Security Officer, Assault Officer
Failure: Aggressive, Honorable
Disaster: Honorable, Stubborn

The Any Officer designation means ou can put any doff here. However, you get a higher success chance with a Security or Assault officer. If the officer has Telepathic, Seductive, or Unscrupulous, it increases their chance to get better rewards from a critical success, which also helps push failure off the board (you have the same success but more critical success). If they're aggressive, the failure rate goes up. If they're Stubborn, disaster goes up, and if they're Honorable you take a double whammy and both failure and disaster go up.

If the doff happens to have cold blooded, resilient, diplomatic, teamwork, etc, none of those things matter at all for this assignment because they're not in the outcome list.