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12-28-2011, 12:16 PM
I agree with the above poster - I'm certainly no PVP expert but it's obvious at a glance you have way too many EPT-whatevers. You should probably pick two, with no more than 3 or so copies between them - like having 2xEPTS to have the shield boost up at all times, with 1xEPTW to boost your energy back up quick after firing a BO3 blast.

I can give you some specific build ideas if you like, as far as throwing in RSP as a panic button, but I think not having at least 5 powers sharing a cooldown will help some.

As far as the specific issue about escorts getting in behind you, as they are wont to do, I would suggest trying to work in a few options to discourage this. Mines might work - either chroniton, for the proc, or the cloaking tractor mines or something. If he just nailed you with a beam overload he's not going to be able to immediately FAW to kill them all. Otherwise a chroniton torpedo launcher and THY might discourage tailgating and give you a chance to slow him down a bit.

Personally I think EWP would serve you better than DEM - at the very least he's going to have to swerve around it, which gives you a better shot at swinging him back into your broadside. Tractor beam might work.

I mean for any option you have for slowing him there's probably a counter, but dumping a combination of warp plasma and tractor mines or a chroniton torpedo up his nose should at least give him something to think about, and you a better shot at swinging around and launching a broadside at him.