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12-28-2011, 12:58 PM
the borg "Arm" weapons are from the Defari invasion zones not STF's

I would like to see the pick up for set gear simplified and directly with the item vendors.. The two step process feel clunky. Use Commander Roxy for redeaming EDC's tokens and salvage for Dilithium and getting the DOFF's. Use the Federation and KDF space and ground officers for the rest. Theres allready a interface function that greys out the items you cannot aquire. The entries could easily be consolidaded by noting the price as X or X.

I'd like to see Commander Roxy have more DOFF variety.. These are currently 1 tactical and 1 security each Blue or Purple quality per faction.. and its hard to destinguish which faction they are.. Its surprising to me that there are no Engineering, Operations, Science, and Medical Borg DOFF's availible from the vendor.