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12-28-2011, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by Trek17
why wouldn't we be nice? you're the creator of STO's best out-of-game charts and you've really showed the awesomeness of the Klingon chart now

still, i did notice a few things:

the Klingon shuttles and fighter are still in the old style
that x4 device thing on the Dacoit Flight-Deck Cruiser, is that part of the new update you were talking about?
your Update Log isn't updated with the new KDF changes, and your Known Issues/Upcoming Chart Changes hasn't removed the changes you've just done... but then again, after all the hard work you've done, it's such a little thing to miss :p
Well, the device slot indicators on the Orion row were added as an attempt to start the KDF chart with a count indicator of devices (rather than 4 boxes of random devices, just show one of the icons with a number beside it) - the way I've been adding the DEV tab to the FED LCARS stuff.... After I made the Orion row, and saw how close to Christmas it was, I knew I needed to get a move on fixing the other two alien rows and the stats (not to mention a Jem'Hadar ship that surprised everyone at the last minute... (still trying to get my hands on that ship ) That said, the device slots are a lower priority, but will be revamped in the future to look more like they are on the Orion row.

UPDATE: Modified update logs & entire original post.