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12-28-2011, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Gornoth
The break up of the STF's was the worst idea to date. The whole point of an STF is to set aside time to go on adventure with a group of people. But now all people do is farm the space sections and you are with a different team for each part. No communication or togetherness people barely even talk now, where is the social interaction in this method? There just missions with great gear, there is no longer any STF's in STO! There are only missions that they (the DEVs) and everyone else refers to as STF's.

That is not to say the PVE queue was not a good idea, in fact it was a great idea, but the splitting up of the STF's was definitely the wrong course of action. The whole STF should be on the PVE queue not broken up! I know I might be alone on this one but I don't like it!! What do you guys think?

agreed. after they split this thing up and brought "warp-to-mission" thingy, you dont see a lot crafts around in space. its so empty... and the stfs... well.. lets say the situation was like this:

"uuuuh, takes some time, maybe i do it this saturday when i have no duty" and "hey guys, lets do a break here, i am shortly eating and then we can do the endboss"

but now its like

"well,.. i just do all of them in a row.. maybe i get one tech drop if i am really lucky.." and "oh.. a snickers.. should be enough for this mission"