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# 1 STO stereotypes
12-28-2011, 02:51 PM
During the last 200-300 STFs, I always thought about how to categorize the other captains I am fighting with. Now in my opinion, those can be put into the following categories:

"I galaxy retrofit, I alone" - thinks that he/she can take it up to any ship alone, does not need other teammates, does not stick to plans coming from someone flying something smaller than him

"Chat? disabled !" - thinks that the chat function is stupid for an MMORPG and due to that, he/she disabled it.

"I know this mission, i really do" - thinks that he/she knows the mission in and out but doesnt know when to use the console at KA

"What? You cant speak my language? Okay then i ignore you" - mostly germans who talk german to others, thinking that everybody can speak it and do not react on anything else (i am not a racist, i am german myself)

"ohhh. the phone is ringing.." - hides behind the transwarp gate and waits until others finish the mission and when one asks him/her what he/she was doing, he/she was at the phone

"the inventor" - plays STO for 2 weeks but knows a tactic how to absolutely dominate the borg (something like "shoot at them")

"actually good" - plays by the rules, heals mates, knows what to do - in other words, the perfect teammate

someone knows more? go for it

remark: not everything applies to everyone but about 80% of the time i am playing, the things above are actually reality.