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12-28-2011, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0
Does anyone else feel that there’s just not enough difference between the stats on Mk X, Mk XI and Mk XII gear?
I'll agree with that. I ground out the Mk X and Mk XI Honour Guard and MACO space sets on my KDF alt and after comparing the sets I went with the Mk X sets for my Fed alts as it just wasn't worth grinding out the Mk X for them.

The Honour Guard shield is an amazing shield, has some very nice bonus's attached to it (I especially like the defence bonus with my Hegh'ta) and the passive buff to stealth is also nice. TBH I find the Honour Guard to be my preferred new set, the Omega and MACO sets left me underwhelmed, especially the 3 piece set bonus.