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12-28-2011, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by spidermitch View Post
Okay okay okay.... FINALLY! Got the new version of the KDF chart up (v6.1.1), with the new ships, new tier additions, new rows and everything. I still have to try to get some pics of the new consoles, but I have the placeholders there. I'm really hoping I have all the stats right, but if you guys see anything, please let me know.

Hope you guys like all the changes. Sorry it took so long; it was almost like completely making a brand new chart. There are some things I went a little hastily through, and I plan on revisiting them, but I wanted to get out what I had so I can be working on the finishing touches while fixing anything you fine people see that needs correcting. Just be nice :p
Don't Apologize to us Mitch this is fantastic work you do for us for nuthin so THANK YOU!