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Originally Posted by RLAK47 View Post
Remember, every Enterprise except the TOS and the D was originally destined to be another ship, until the previous Enteprise was destroyed, when it was renamed.
The only two ships you could possibly make a case for this statement with are the 1701-A and the 1701-E.

There is no evidence that the Enterprise-B was ever intended to be any other ship. At the end of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, the Enterprise-A is ordered home to be decommissioned. Kirk's tour of inspection aboard the Enterprise-B is supposed to take place some time thereafter.

As for the Enterprise-C, I can't say for sure what Starfleet had planned. There is no canonical record of the Enterprise-B's ultimate fate.

The Enterprise-C was destroyed in battle defending a Klingon outpost against a Romulan attack. The Galaxy-class did not enter service until quite some time later, and during the period between the C's destruction and the launch of the D, there were no other ships named Enterprise. I think it is a safe bet to say that Starfleet had the opportunity to plan a ship to be the C's successor.