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Originally Posted by kspn View Post
Hi All,

I have a question, I have always assumed that it is best to have all weapons on a Ship being the same type (phasor, disruptor ect) but I was recently thinkning that it might be an idea to mix them up so that if an poopnent is resistant to one type you aren't toast.

My question is, the line on the weapons thats says '-X wespon power when firing other weapons' what exactly does it mean, and how would having 4 different energy weapon types on the ship affect things? (apart form having to use a generic 'boost energy weapon damage' rather than a specifi 'boost phasor damamge' console equipped)

Effectively you have the four seperate settings in space.... Weapons, Shields, Engine and Auxilary.
The -X to weapon power is how much that one weapon would draw from the Weapons section over it's one firing cycle. Hope that makes sense...?
IE I think beams are -10 and fire four shots in a cycle.... so if you only had that weapon firing and had your weapon power at 50, it would reduce it to 40 over each shot in the cycle, diminishing the damage per shot.

The only real side effect of having multiple weapon types would be a loss in overall damage. I'm not sure how that would even out if the enemy isn't as resistant to one of your weapon types, but my guess is you'd still lose in overall damage.

I suppose the other thing would be "lowering" your chance of having the proc on each weapon from occuring.