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Originally Posted by kspn View Post
Hi All,

I have a question, I have always assumed that it is best to have all weapons on a Ship being the same type (phasor, disruptor ect) but I was recently thinkning that it might be an idea to mix them up so that if an poopnent is resistant to one type you aren't toast.

My question is, the line on the weapons thats says '-X wespon power when firing other weapons' what exactly does it mean, and how would having 4 different energy weapon types on the ship affect things? (apart form having to use a generic 'boost energy weapon damage' rather than a specifi 'boost phasor damamge' console equipped)

Unfortunately it wouldn't do you any good because the devs have nerfed the specific tactical consoles that enhance all energy damages universally (for those that would like to use more than 1 damage type).Im refering to consoles like energy distribution manifolds and prefire chambers , they now give a bonus 0f 18% in contrast to a specific damage type console like phaser relays that give 26%.

So if you use say 3 x 18% tactical consoles with a mix of phaser and tetryon for examble you would be having less dps than if you would use pure phasers with 3 x phaser relays.The same applies to every damage type.Aparrently it was a good idea for the devs to have this freedom before season 5 but not after season 5 , it is one of these decisions they often make that defines common logic.

Now we are forced to use just one specific damage type if we want to be effective.This is a change that would only made sense if the addition of more 1 proc would be at least the same beneficial or even better than the reduced dps ,to compensate for the loss.But only when the procs where something that worked as intended which they don't.What we have is 1 proc working like crazy (phasers) and the other procs working but with a minimal effect with all these bo abilities out there able to compensate making them like look like they don't even occur.

Nothing normal about both cases.That is just a personal opinion.Stick with 1 damage type and focus on it.Ofcourse you can mix damage types if you are willing to tolerate the reduced dps.The -X means that you get 1 weapon for free and the rest count for minus 10 to your weapon drain for each one of them.For examble firing 6 beams on your cruiser broadside at the same time means you have a -50 maximum drain on your weapon setting,in a staggering pattern.

Hope i was of help to you.