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The Lies That Bind


2 weeks later entering the Bajorian operations area.

“Captains Log Supplemental,

The Tamerlaine has been assigned to assist with the reinforcement of the front line bases for the last 6 months. It has been exhausting duty. We have suffered some losses and have been damaged in at least one major engagement. After repairs Admiral Foxx has give us permission for shore leave at the nearest facility. That facility happens to be Deep Space 9. In a communiqué I had received some months ago it had been brought to my attention that this was now an open port. So now we may be recreating with the very people who actually fired on us and killed several members of the crew.

It does not take someone from Starfleet intelligence to realize there may be problems with this. But, the way I see it, My crew has earned the right to make a few hits and I just might help them to hit’em…

Personal Note Sometimes I think I got too much of my Great Grandfather Bela in me.

Marla Oxmyx out.”

Marla stood on the Observation deck of the promenade. She was suppose to meet her Exec. He was late as usual. For a Vulcan he was not very punctual. As she stood there she could see the Tamerlaine as she was docked on the upper pylon. The little Nova class ship seemed almost dwarfed by the docking pylon she was up against.

"Captain" A voice came from behind her catching her off guard. Marla turned towards the voice and found her first officer standing there.

"One of these days Sorek you're gonna do that and im gonna drill ya" Marla said her Iotian accent comming out.

"Captain i see no logial reason for you to get a Drill and "Drill" me." his eyebrow going up inquisitivly.

"Never mind" she said giving up. Though he would never admit it Marla was pretty sure Sorek had a low and especially evil sense of humor.

"Well I was thinking we could go to Quark's. I hear they have Tamarian Iced Wine that is really good."

Sorek just nodded his assent and the two of them headed to the lower level. After just a few moments they found themselves entering Quark's. where they found themselves a table and sat down. Marla ordered her drink and a Vulcan tea. As the waitress walked off, Marla looked at Sorek "So i know ya like chess but do you play any other games Sorek?"

"I find chess to be satisfactorly engaging for my tastes Captain." He replied matter of factly.

"Really? Well maybe i can teach you a new one. Especially since you been beat'n tha pants off me for the last 6 months." She said as she unzipped her uniform jacket and pulled a pack of playing cards out of the inside pocket.

"I'm Not sanguine about card games Captain, but i will play if you will teach me." Sorek replied.

"Well its a very tough game." she said "Might be beyond you." she said with a devilish smile as she laid down the gauntlet at Sorek's feet.

His eyebrow went up as he acknowledged the challenge in her voice.

"It's called .... Fizzbin." She said as she began to deal the cards.

Will continue on a new post.