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12-29-2011, 09:21 AM
Personal Log
Captain Elizabeth Riker
U.S.S. Coronado

Weíve finally wrapped up the last analyses of the data retrieved from the probes launched into the 10th and largest gas giant of this system in the Pelia Sector. The report is being finalized by the Science division and will be sent to Command within the hour.

The crewís attitude is already changing, I can see it in their faces and I can hear it in their voices Ė faces that have been focused on study and voices that have been filled with serious intent and sometimes heated debate are now lifted by smiles and sound almost giddy with laughter.

Little do they know that Iíve considered these past six weeks as some of the most relaxing and joy-filled in my career. After so many years in command of a battle-honed fleet escort, Iíve never taken for granted the gift Iíve received by being placed in command of this grand exploration cruiser. Iíve taken such pleasure in walking through the geology, botany, exobiology and astrometrics labs and listening in on the scientistsí reports and even reveled in their ability to ponder over the larger questions of our universe.

Weíre now on our way to Risa Ė towards Sector 001. Theyíll happily jump off the Coronado and spend every single one of their 168 hours of leave stuffing themselves full of food, fun, drink, sports and sex. When they return theyíll be exhausted and happy.

Then Iíll have to inform them of our new orders.

I donít have the heart to tell them yet. I want them to have these 168 hours to be devoid of any pressing worry. I donít want them to even think of the Borg while they surf or party Ö or love.

As for how Iím going to spend the next 168 hours? Iíll be here on my ship and making her as fit as she can be to enter into the Gamma Orionis sector. I owe it to my crew to make sure the Coronado is ready for anything so they can survive what comes after Risa. My work is just now beginning.

Besides Ö Iíve been on vacation for the past six weeks.

Computer end recording.