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12-29-2011, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by Darksided View Post
Wait, if skill points don't matter enough to "make a fundamental difference on a tactical level," then why are people up in arms over the change? Skill points matter, but as you noted (which I was unaware of), if the total loss is actually only 10% - the change won't be very significant.
Because people don't know how important or how unimportant something is. They just see a number go down that they associate with something they have control, and they mistake this numbers as being the most relevant part of their decisions to a strong build. But it isn't really.
nd I am not saying the skill points are irrelevant. But I am saying the effectiveness of a build is more determined by picking the right BO powers than whether you have a +50 or a +99 modifier in a skill affecting your BOs. A character with the +99 modifier in, say that shield heal skill,d oesn't actually heal twice as much as the guy with the +50 modifier.

And, with 8 or 10 % less, we're not even talking about that. We're talking about something more like +80 or +99 or +40 vs +50.

The skill change doesn't have even close to the same effect as giving us 4 strong hull heals and a way to get strong shield resistance 100 % the time and buffing an allied shield resistance 75 % of the time, and turning the strongest shield heal and resistance buff into a pure science debuff clearance tool.