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12-29-2011, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by kspn View Post
Awesome, thanks for the replies.

What I get is:

-X means that the weapon drains X amount of power form the weapon setting

You can have as many weapon types as you have slots, but you will lose out in the end because your overall DPS will be lower because the consoles have a lower % boost.

Sounds like I need to pick a weapon and stick to it, pity, it would have been fun.

Energy Weapon power drain is bit more complicated then it appears. You can fire one energy weapon of any type without any penalty. Any additional energy weapon, will drain Weapon Subsystem by the amount indicated by the weapon info. If weapon power is 100, firing 1 beam array will no drain any power. Firing 2 beam arrays will drop Weapon power to 90. Firing 3 beam arrays will drain weapon more to 80, etc. And it's also a bit more complicated as the game slightly staggers the firing of weapons set to auto-fire. And each weapon type has it's own distinct firing cycle. So you general won't the maximum theoretical total power drain.