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12-29-2011, 10:15 AM
Ditch DEM III and DEM in general ni PvP, and never use more than 3 EPtX skills, 2 being the preferred limited number on the Excelsior Retrofit. I like AUX2ID in the Excelsior Retrofit, because it makes good use of the increased turn rate.

If you invest in hull/shields for your character skill points, use high CAP shields, and use SIF mod Deflectors, you can get well over 53K+ hull and 10K+ shields each arc, making your cruiser ~95K+ of shields/hull.

At that point, running high AUX using a lot of resist alloy/armor + AUX2SIF III + Polarize Hull II + EPtS III + TSS I + Attack Pattern Delta will make it very hard for folks to kill you, and certainly the instant death will stop. If you are running with high base shield power instead of high base AUX power, that's part of your problem. As others have said, ditch Attack Pattern Beta, go with Delta on the Excelsior Retrofit becuse it plays to your ships strengths.

Personally, I'm not sold at all on ENG consoles for shields and prefer armor/alloy everytime, particularly on cruisers that can have so many shield/hull recharge BO options. If someone can point to some math that says shield ENG consoles are useful, I'd be interested.