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12-29-2011, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Sollaf View Post
I'm just going to set this here and walk away.

Cryptic has said countless times in the fourms that a discharged ship obtained via the VA token would not be redeamable.
That's wonderful. I don't read the forums. I did not know that reading the forums was essential to playing the game.

The fact is, IN GAME, it should have warned me that I would lose that ship for good. It did not. I should have to do research on the forums every time I perform an action in the game, just to make sure it won't be permanent.

It is what it is. Cryptic is ignoring me. I have play time until the 1st. I'll screw around on here until then. If my ship isn't back, they lost a paying customer. It's as simple as that. Cryptic can staunchly stand behind their ****** policies and lose a customer, or they can do something as minor as just giving me back my stuff, and keep a paying customer.

If they don't like money, that's cool with me.