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12-29-2011, 11:38 AM
"Captain's Personal Log: Starda--"

"Will you put that thing down and come to dinner?" Commander Sevak asked, with no small hint of exasperation from her voice, setting the last fork on the table.

"I'm just making a log entry." Vice Admiral Kim Sharp said, shutting the PADD off. She set it down on the coffee table in front of her and rose from the sofa, glancing out the window as the sky slowly into a dark purple as the sun sank below the Oregon Cascades. Smiling coyly, she approached her fiancee and leaned against a blonde colored chair on the opposite side of the dining table.

Sevak looked up from the place setting, her dark green eyes, sparkling under the warm light of the dining room lamp, showing off the growing irritation directed toward Kim. "We have been on leave for two weeks and you still can't stop thinking about work."

"I am simply recording what we did, today."

The more time she spent with the young Vulcan woman, the more she reminded her of her father, one of the Academy's senior Philosophy instructors who had been Kim's mentor following a disciplinary incident her Freshman year.

He was a quirky Vulcan, that followed some of Surak's more radical teachings. He also firmly believed in controlling his emotions and not suppressing them, and chose to express them openly. That lesson was undoubtedly passed down to Sevak, who now regarded her with an icy glare.

Pushing a strand of raven colored hair from her face, Sevak pursed her lips at the woman she had come to love. She had known Kim nearly half her life. At first, she had thought her reckless, and uncaring, but as she had gotten to know her over the years she had come to respect her and even regard her as a friend. The development of her romantic association with Kim was only a recent development, and much a surprise to her. Being as Kim was her direct commanding officer, there had been some hesitation between the two of them, but Starfleet Command seemed to have taken a more lenient stance on personal relationships among crew, so long as it didn't interfere with the professional judgments of either of them. So far so good, but the Admiral's renewed obsession with her work since the Stellar Drift's transfer to a new battlegroup was growing tiresome.

Each day, Sevak felt far more distant from her, and found herself looking forward to the day that the Galileo was ready for her command. She also had started to feel some regret at having accepted the marriage proposal.

"And what did we do today?" She asked, letting go of a sad sigh.

"I fixed my plane; we went to my nephew's baseball game with my brother and my daughter; you planted some marigolds; then we fixed dinner."


Kim sighed.

"I met with Captain Suari about repairs to the Stellar Drift, sent the analysis of the solar flare that hit us to the Federation Science Council, talked to Rear Admiral Hackenaw about Klingon ship movement--he wants us to come by Starfleet Intelligence tomorrow after Captain Bain's award ceremony."

"What happened to going to Oslo and interviewing caterers?" Sevak frowned.

"We can do that after. It shouldn't take long." Kim said quickly, hoping not to upset Sevak any further.

Sevak just stared at the tall, blonde haired human woman with irritation.

"Will you call the others in, please?"