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12-29-2011, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by mmendel46 View Post
I had recently encountered a bug with my Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, involving not being able to slot my BOFFS. So I figured, i'll decommision the ship, reclaim it, and maybe that will solve the problem.

After I do this, I am unable to reclaim my ship. I've been informed that this was apparently always the policy....I did not know this, and i'm not really sure HOW I was supposed to. There was no message that said it would be final and I wouldn't get it back.

So now, my ship is gone. This is a crap policy, and I have had my tickets go ignored. I have cancelled my sub over this. I have alot of issues with STO, but this is the straw that broke he camels back. I will resub if this issue is resolved.

Cryptic.......give me my ship back. That's a stupid policy, and you know it. Show some good faith and give it back, and honestly.....rethink the policy. I will remain unsubbed until there is a resolution. I'm not asking for much. I just want my ship back, that I earned in game, and only got rid of because of a bug. I don't want free stuff. I don't think i'm asking for anything irrational here. I made a mistake, I was unaware that it would be permanent, and I shouldn't be punished for not knowing every nuance of STO policy.
If you were given something free by a company and then you threw it away, would you go back to the company and expect them to replace the item you threw away at no cost to you?