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12-29-2011, 07:56 PM
2 sets of 2 EPtX skills are best, i recommend 2x EPtW 1, and 2x EPtS 2. the result, if you keep track of it, is 100% uptime with both skills boosting your power levels and defense.

high cap shields are still best, and with RSP they can be recharged almost instantly, making their regeneration stat irreverent and their high capacity stat invaluable. let TSS, EPtS, and RSP do the regeneration for you, the only important number is the max capacity

so, run this

TT1, APD 1, 2x EPtW 1, 2x EPtS 2, RSP 2, ET 3, AtS 3, TSS1, and HE 2 on an assault cruiser, your weapons power will be high and your defenses as strong as they can be. i've found running 2 Neutronium Alloys doesn't run into much in the way of diminishing returns, i recommend running that too.

all these skills used in the right order and at the right time will proboly get you accused of hacking, it has for me, but as a result deaths are rare.