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12-29-2011, 10:25 PM
Why is the concept of keeping seperate the ground and space leveling so difficult for those in cryptic to grasp the concept of?? First off, my earned skill points are MY OWN, I put in the time necessary to collect them, and PAID A LIFETIME SUB for the opportunity, Don't try and tell me that I HAVE to spend a certain amount on something that I don't want to spend them on and stop being so DAM STINGY with the cost of re-leveling everytime you guys think you make it better under this concept, YOU DON"T. And if the current skill leveling form is implemented live, STO will NOT be receiving any more of my time, effort, or money, but Star Wars will. You guys at Cryptic have dropped the ball on this one. Pick it up and fix it so I can enjoy my lifetime sub again or c-ya's around!