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12-30-2011, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by toleranceissuicide
Why is the concept of keeping seperate the ground and space leveling so difficult for those in cryptic to grasp the concept of?? First off, my earned skill points are MY OWN, I put in the time necessary to collect them, and PAID A LIFETIME SUB for the opportunity, Don't try and tell me that I HAVE to spend a certain amount on something that I don't want to spend them on and stop being so DAM STINGY with the cost of re-leveling everytime you guys think you make it better under this concept, YOU DON"T.
I don't think its difficult for them to understand; you are already restricted into where you can put the points; you can't put 10 points into any skill, you can only buy level 2 skills until a certain amount has been spent on level 1, nor can you reduce level one skills below that level, this is just another restriction. In this case they are saying that proprtionally you have to spend some on ground to be a rounded starship captain; and that's a factor of game balance, if that is unacceptable to you, i think you will find similiar problems (in different shapes) on any MMO or frankly any game that you play.

To my knowledge there is no cost to "re-level" a character when it is forced on you like this, it is FREE, if you want to plan it first nip over to Redshirt or Tribble... and test them there. If you are an LTS you get 400 CP a month, which is the same as a respec every month if you really need it, and to be honest you need to respec less often under then new skill system...