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12-30-2011, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
pfft last time we played u were crying p2w all the way home. go to fvk and show ur fellow feds how to fight and lead the fight against a worthy foe instead of do fvf and claim all are afraid. ~10 ks and few fs in fvk q ALL the TIME. fs join fvk arena please k thnks
i remember that match (one of the ones where TSI did actually lose) and the only complaint i can recall off hand was about those assiton (sp) assimalators being too powerful. good fun fight otherwise

Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
And you guys wonder why PvP is in such sad shape...
Gank em right away, huh...?
Think that'll ecourage a new wave of players to get into PvP?
How about, "can't wait to teach some others my mad skillz so maybe I can have decent team mates"?
"Ganking" them may make you feel good for a couple matches, but then when the victims of your mini ego boost goes back to PvE after vowing to never touch PvP again because of the behavior of his opponets don't cry on the forums about no one in the PvP qeues, OK?
you do realize that the only way to actually gank up on people are in kerrat right?
we've tried teaching some of the current community how to play but a lot of people seem to just want to say "you beat me, i'm the best so you must have cheated!"

pvp in this game is so far down the rabbit hole you can actually see the bottom, its the most challenging part of the game and there is no learning curve. why should we, the ones who play it regularly and have been playing for up to 2 years.... be the ones expected to gimp ourselves when the new people come?