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12-30-2011, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by bmr1580 View Post
I'm with the gankers on this one. Learning to PvP involves a lot of dying. Quite frankly, I wouldn't want the ones who are unwilling to learn and bugger off back to PvE. Now, the ones who get ganked, then ask for help so it doesn't happen so much in the future... those are the players I want to join our small community.

If I see that someone is a weakpoint on the enemy team, I'll go after them time and time again.

If they want to ask for help, I'll gladly give it. If they want a guide, I'll gladly show them. If they want to go back to their PvE/RP adventureland, I'll speed them out of our Arenas so that someone else who actually wants to learn can play as fast as I can.