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12-30-2011, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
Oh you mean like how we basically did the mirror invasion then you got yelled te next time?
Yep! :p

"Don't rush ahead!"
"You're a Sci, you're supposed to hang back from behind the Cruisers and fire support on what we call"
*2 minutes later everyone else is dead, I'll still chugging along basically tanking the entire map, and I'm the one Extending the Cruisers.*

It's amazing how much easier everything is in PvE. I haven't done any PvE since I hit RA 3 to get the Borg gear... might need to start doing it more :p GW 3 + FAW 1 + Beta = lolololol. Might have to add FBP into that since I get so much aggro.