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12-30-2011, 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by macallen View Post
Let me see if I expect strange people you don't know to somehow become randomly more generous? Or, to use a popular quote..."Can't we all just get along?"

The mechanics you ask for are in the game. If you want it, roll need. If you don't, roll greed. Some people are going to roll need all the time. In your system, those same people will roll want, all the time. Your problem isn't the system, or anything Cryptic can fix. Your problem is the world is filled with douchebags and you really wish they'd stop being that way

Sadly, if Cryptic could fix that, they'd have a lot more money and retire
Actually this is a very easy fix that cryptic can do, and be much simpler want or pass is a good idea, and in a fleet or group of friends most of us have better stuff then 99% of what falls and if something come along some one needs then we just give it too that fleetie. and this would also save people from accidently clicking need when group is just greeding cause of the action going on