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12-31-2011, 11:08 AM
There isn't a way to increase ship stats except via some captain skills. But your T2 ships is still quite viable in the PvE game. During the early testing of the F2P build on tribble, the economy was not entirely in place. As a result player could not afford to new ships as we levelel up as they required some dilithium grinding. And very little dilithium was being rewards were in the game. So what player did was to get their T2 ships and forgo their T3 ships to be able to afford to purchase their T4 ships. We kept upgrading the equipment and weapons of the T2 ships and kept using them.

That the rate that most player levels, getting their T4 ship was just about when we started to encounter the Romulans. Fighting a Romulan Battleship in a T2 ship is possible but very, very tough for even an experienced player. Some players took their T2s ships all the way to Read Admiral.