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12-31-2011, 03:49 PM
Merely pointing out that the number of people who PvP goes down every day (most of that is Cryptic's fault). This influx of new players that will come with F2P, maybe the last chance we get for a revitalized community. A larger group of inexperienced people will be more likely to receive PvP content than a tiny elite group, I'm afraid.

You should take some responsibility for this element of the game, and help cultivate it in ways you are able, rather than go for a scorched earth policy. Can't blame it all on Cryptic.

So yeah, peoples gonna get ganked left and right, six ways from Sunday. That's the point of it all, I guess.

But, as was mentioned above, send a message beforehand saying, "We're about gank you. Enjoy! To learn how to do the same to us someday, PM us afterwards". Folk's will think you're twice as cool for saying that, than if you just steamrolz their face.

Man up, grow a thicker skin, don't be too sensitive, and recruit a future for yourselves, gagh-dammit!