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12-31-2011, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Barrington_de_Coffey
Take a team of five engies and get 4 to just spam the loving hell outta turrets whilst stood pressed up (OUTSIDE) against the shield wall, whilst the fifth stands at the far end (INSIDE) and hopes Armek doesn't one shot him

This works with one engie too, can tale a while to wear him down and runs a greater risk of the person inside being offed but it's how we all - whilst laughing our asses off - beat him last night on Elite.
An interesting tactic...I noticed once when I messed up and wasn't far enough to be inside when the shield wall comes down, I kept dropping mortars as I was pressed half into the shield and they were firing at him and doing damage.
I was like...Hmm, if we could have a bunch of those and keep one guy in there long enough...
But never got to test it, tho.
Are there any spots in that area where he doesn't have LOS on you?