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12-31-2011, 04:37 PM
look, all we are saying is...well, most players gotta put some practice and experiment with builds...and die a ton before they can compete with the top. but even for us average players....some would call us "confident vets" will have an awesome match and really tear it up. and we, just as the top dozen plus guys who do this, get the Rage PM. it will go down like this:

Rage Player: you *^%$ #$%. #$%^ you. ^%$&*&% tractor beam spam mother ^&%$#@

Horizon: oh hey, yeah hit a few good BO3's in there, ggs

RP: %^$# that man, you %^$#*&^ cheater. and you were second in healing too, %^$#*&^ hax. ^%$# you.

H: well, i find if you pop an aux battery before you hit TSS2, and HE1, all while rotating two copies of tac team that you can really extend your survivability. also get the borg set, and a high cap shield. and the tractor beams are to slow you down to possibly land more beam overloads.

RP: ^%$#& hax, %^$ you

H: alright man, have fun kill bad guys.

RP: %^$# you