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12-31-2011, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by Valiant797 View Post
...So why'd I quote darkjedi above? I slightly disagree. There's a place in Trek for silliness too...
Sorry if I didn't clarify enough. I agree that there's room for humor in Star Trek and your examples are well-taken (Trouble With Tribbles and Piece of the Action are two great classics). What I meant by 'silliness' is things that don't belong in the mythos, or seem disrespectful to the long and honorable legacy of Star Trek.

Humorous episode content is one thing, but a short green guy handing out light-lyrpas on the week TOR is released and Bridges the size of cathedrals just seem very out-of-place. I used the term 'silly' because it's these types of treatments that concern me with STO in Cryptic's hands.