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12-31-2011, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Darkjedi View Post
Sorry if I didn't clarify enough. I agree that there's room for humor in Star Trek and your examples are well-taken (Trouble With Tribbles and Piece of the Action are two great classics). What I meant by 'silliness' is things that don't belong in the mythos, or seem disrespectful to the long and honorable legacy of Star Trek. To me, a short green guy handing out light-lyrpas on the week TOR is released is silly.
I honestly don't understand why this is so offensive to some people. I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but I'm not a fanatic (which someone rightfully pointed out is where the word "fan" stems from.) I love Yoda. He's awesome. I missed him. I'd like him to come back for a day. And I think it shows a lot of respect and even confidence that Cryptic slipped this into the winter event. It did not bother me in the slightest, and really, why does it bother you? It is not part of the mythos. It's part of a winter event that has little to no significance on the Star Trek online universe.