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12-31-2011, 10:05 PM
I dont think anyone would be as upset about the Star Wars homages if (WE Trek fans)were given a complete game. Star Trek is always getting the shaft and it didnt get the MMO it deserves. I look at Star Wars TOR and see how much better and complete it is. It makes me sick. Star Wars always seems to get the resources , time and more opportunites to get it right. It frustrates me greatly.

CBS and Paramount cant seem to get the right people to implement the franchise in gaming like Lucas does. Ladies and Gentlemen that is what JJ was refering to when he was comparing Star Trek to Star Wars. He wasnt saying he wanted Trek to be Wars. NOT AT ALL! What he was saying is that Trek deserves the same or better treatment ,respect and most importantly BUDGET and RESOURCES that Star Wars gets.

I enjoy parts of this game but lets face it. We got stuck with a rush job, hodge podge , and we are basically told that we better like it or leave it cause thats all we get and if we dont support it then we get nothing. Thats basically what we have gotten most of the time with few exceptions. For every Star Trek Elite Force or Bridge Commander , There is a bunch of crappy buggy unplayable POSes like Legacy , Dominion Wars , New Worlds etc. etc. Paramount and CBS is to blame and they have taken Trek and its fans for granted for years.

I am not even that hard to please. I am not one of those guys that needs 100% cannon adherance cause the show cant even demonstrate that. I dont even mind the game is combat heavy. Its a game it has to be. Or fan boy pandering where everyting has to be a rework of previous things seen on the show. I actually hate that. I just want a complete Trek game that has all the elements of Trek that isnt patched together with a super hero game engine that can't implement what most people want because the engine wasnt made for it. Anyway that is my rant and my 2 cents.

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Star Trek is more than just a cool show or a way to spend an hour. It's a symbol of what mankind could become. It's intelligent, optomistic, and progressive. It was instrumental in forming many of my early perceptions and opinions.

So when I see Star Wars homages, silliness, or simple poor craftsmanship present in the game, I feel the need to speak out. I feel the need to let the responsible parties know that they're on the wrong path. Unfinished Klingons after 2 years? Cathedral-sized interiors? Incessant zoning when flying across space? Foot-races for a holiday event? No music from any of the shows or movies? These are the things that worry me.

I'll give credit where credit is due - the Starships are amazing. Space Combat is fun. The uniforms are looking sharp. Canon references are clever and welcome.

But please... take Star Trek seriously - it matters to many of us. More than it should, perhaps