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12-31-2011, 10:31 PM
I dont hate Cryptic or the devs. They did what they had to do. My beef is with Paramount/CBS. They are the owners and keepers of the franchise. They have years of mistakes that predate Cryptic and STO. They moves are lack of moves are the reason for this.

Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
Hi Fire, nice to talk to you again.

I will try and state my negative opinions as constructively as possible. This seems like a nice thread to far and I don't want it to get too off track or just turn into a grip session that Cryptic has no reason to read. That said, you bring up your side of this point in a way that I think provides me an opening for one more (hopefully constructive) chance to elucidate on my opposing view point, as I keep trying to respectfully get to the heart of what is so irksome about the SW nod

As another poster said, that kind of thing does have it's place. IMO, that time and place is not the launch of a new SW game or the in game holiday event (ostensibly the holiday event being a 'thank you' to the community and a chance for them to celebrate this game). (although, you have a certain point about technically (but a minor sticky technicality when it comes to dev/ player relations) the holiday event being q-generated and not exactly part of the official lore).

Why do I not think it's the right time or place? I would like Cryptic to restore (by their actions) my confidence in their respect for THIS IP before they go around paying respect to other IPs. And until Cryptic (by their actions) has restored MY confidence in this games future I would appreciate it if they held their own confidence a little 'closer to the chest'.

It just goes to show that Cryptics understanding/concern for how some of us feel about the management right now seems to be so off, that that in and of itself is an added cause for concern among some of the more 'fanatical'.

I have been very happy with the devs posts in the forums of late, they are frank and candid and I don't think that should be counted against them. But I agree that their 'official' communication has been... shall we say 'not well vetted'? They shoot themselves in the foot if they lay out hard timelines, so I don't think it's to anyone 's bebefit for them to make to specific promises about times and dates, but right now there is nothing on the calandar that I can see past F2P. Quarterly estimates for things seem reasonable, but I would even be happy with a 'short' ,'near', 'long range' goals type plan. We have no idea where they are headed. We have no idea what their game plan is beyond

1) launch F2P

2) Bring in new blood

3) nickle and dime new blood to death with C-Store

4) repeat

As far as you could guess by the last 4 months activity, F2P blogs, and current calendar -- that's the game plan.

Something like the old engineering reports would be great. At first I thought the F2P blogs were really great. I felt like Cryptic was doing a great job of keeping us in the loop. But as update after update brought changes that kicked me in the nuts, and each new F2P blog essentially said "Aren't the new changes wonderful!!", I started tuning them out like annoying TV commercials (or commer-shills). Now, I am sorry to say I am pretty jaded about the management and Cryptic has some work to do just to get me to where I am willing to listen to what the management has to say with an open mind.

I'll be brutally honest (and I should tell you I'm having my fifth glass of champagne). I have never read the dev post with the specs for the 'bug ship'. Somewhere in the first or second paragraph I had to stop reading because I could not shake the feeling that I was watching one of those tv spots with the wildly enthusiastic used car salesman. The kind where they tell you if you come down and buy a car right now they will give you three softballs to give to the kids because they have right here on the lot a dunk tank with a guy dressed like a big purple dinosaur. It's like every official statement from the management is Jack Nickolson in ID4 saying "You still have 2 outta 3 branches of the government working for you and that aint bad!" with a big smile on their face. I don't want to hear more 'confidence' from them. I want to hear a statement that says "yes, we know that the entire legislative branch got incinerated and yes, that kind of means we dropped the ball on national defense. But here is how we plan to save the planet from certain doom."

I keep waiting for a F2P or other official announcement that tells me something I want to hear, not just what Cryptic wants me to hear. I just stopped caring what the management had to say. I stopped believing that the management had anything to say other than "I am overwhelmingly pleased to announce that henceforth you will give us lots of money for everything we offer and get very little in return. Those are the new rules. Deal with it."

To end on a constructive note, what is an example of what I would I like to hear from Cryptic?

One great thing would be to hear an official announcement with a long list of long time bugs that they are committed to hunting down before any more 'fun, silly, random, etc' new 'content' is added to the game. I'm talking about things like voldermort and the bridge BO clone issue (yes, I know that both of those are being addressed now, and I'm very grateful for it. But if all I did was read official statements I would have very little knowledge that those are being addressed. I mostly know about Cryptics work on the issues because it has been brought up outside of official channels. Really, a few well drafted apologies for would go a long way to restoring my faith in Cryptic. Some one in charge who has the leadership ability to admit when they have made mistakes. Specifically apologies for:

1) the fact that we were promised we would not lose anything, when in fact we did.

2) the fact that we were promised the plans for the future laid out in DStahls engineering reports would not change when in fact they have (or at least the priorities of work have greatly shifted).

Happy new years! May 2012 be a great year for STO, all the Fan(atics), and everyone at Cryptic and PWE!