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01-01-2012, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by rswfire View Post
If I were managing Cryptic, I would have employees monitoring the forums for trends and then I would give those trends careful consideration and I would release an official press release on the subject matter at hand.
Agreed , but what happens when what we want gets splintered between individual desires of the fans ?
When we say that "we" want PVP , not all of us really want that , as not all players enjoy PVP . Same goes for STF's , KDF content and UGC .
I myself want all of the above .
The only thing that seems to have a consensus are FE's , and as I've said in a previous thread , STF's are played more than FE's at endgame (replayable content) , while FE's are played more by the whole player population (but only a few times = not replayable content) .
Thus the equation becomes : FE's enrich player experience and draws back players , and STF's keep endgame players around . Which do you choose ?
All in all Cryptic can cater to us only up till a certain point .

But I would have been doing that from the beginning. But because of whatever reason (there's no point in passing blame or casting judgement), Cryptic has lost credibility with a lot of people.
Agreed .

As a manger, the way I would handle this now is to put forth an official statement or series of posts on the direction STO is heading in. It is not good to keep us in the dark on this topic, because many of us are contemplating just how much longer we're willing to invest in STO. At least we'd always have a sense of where the game is heading. Because right now, it doesn't seem to be heading anywhere.
Agreed , with reservations .
I call for a more balanced approach . DStahl seemed to be "living in the future" (excuse the bad pun) , and sorta made promises (via the Engineering Reports) that were ... way out there , as far as development goes .
OTOTH D'Angelo keeps the cards so tight to his chest , that if they were any tighter they would be under his skin .
Both approaches are flawed , and both bring misery to the forum going fandom , and more importantly both approaches perhaps even hurt the game . DStahl set expectations too high , D'Angelo made us have zero expectations (and ppl usually drop things they have zero expectations of) .

Thus , I want a ballanced approach -- and I like your thoughts about a release of a general quarterly plan for STO (that is as always "subject to change") .