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# 1 Dilithium refining
01-01-2012, 05:22 AM
Just had a thought and wished to share it. Sorry if its a repost of an existing idea.

Basically, refining Dilithium doesn't have any real pupose other than to convert from unusable to usable Dilithium, and personally I wish there was just the one type of Dilithium without converting but as its in the game now i guess it stays. But what if we could make converting a bit more functional rather than clicking on a convert button?


Instead of being able to convert ore to refined Dilithium just anywhere by using a menu and clicking on convert, what if we made this a process with a real world element? This element would be a refining plant. Remember the TOS episode Mudds Women? Where the planet is a source of Dilithium and there were miners working there. Now im not sure if they produced refined crystals, but they seemed to be usable as the Enterprise needed them asap. So they might be using a refinery after they mined the ore.

So would this be an idea of how we can have a crafting for Dilithium from ore to the refined crystals? We could have a dedicated planet or two, one for the Federation and one for the Klingons. At the planet, there would be a mining operation, and the miners there would offer to convert what you had into refined Dilithium. Like Memory Alpha, it would be dedicated to crafting, but it would be for Dilithium to spice up the boring convert button to an activity where we go to a planet, beam down, and negotiate with the miners to have our ore turned into refined Dilithium crystals.

I'm not sure how it would effect the whole established system as it is now, but perhaps this idea will give Cryptic an idea how to refine the Dilithium conversion process into something a bit more fun.

Maybe there could be benefits of going to this mining planet as well, for instance you could get bonuses, for example perhaps you could convert more Dilithium in a day compared to the 8k limit we have now, but to combat the 8k limit perhaps it could be a process that takes time so you couldn't just instantly convert 10k ore into 10k of refined crystals. Or perhaps you could even talk to the miners and get them to spice it up to 1.5k an hour if you pay them more credits, or provide them with Romulan Ale or perhaps or GPL or heck pay them with Mudds Women as a consumable tradable item!

Basically, the idea is to have a planet or station around a planet and have either just a place where you can go and give someone (an npc) x amount of ore to refine or even a refining mini game at that location so you can manually do it yourself.

What do people think?