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01-01-2012, 04:33 AM
Originally Posted by Blackheart_SS View Post
I would have to agree with this...if I wanted to play wow or tor...I would play those mmos for their ground combat gaming....but I am drawn to this game mostly for the space combat. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the ground portion as well...but the space combat part is what sets this mmo apart from the rest.

To me this game is a combo of eve on-line, tor, and all the other types of mmos rolled into one. That's how i see it.

Why can't we have two separate skill trees with their own points to spend instead of a shared one...

One for the space and one for the ground....that way we could really focus on those builds both in space and on the ground to reflect our unique type of game play. Example...Wanna be a healer in space>spec for it, wanna kick arse on the ground>spec for it.or however you want. done. STO great...more people/customers play....yay!!!

Wouldn't it be easy to make the skill tree separate for the ground....insert said ground combat game> copy paste skill tree progression. done (that way if those that might play ground won't suck too much)

Now create or restore separate said skill tree for space captain skills...instant presto...STO is born again. (hehe ok i know it is not that easy)

I believe the bottom line is that...some players feel penalized by the removal of their skill points or to spend skill points in areas they do not play much or at all. (I enjoy both's fun)
I don't think you understand - what you're asking for is functionally equivalent to what's being provided by splitting the existing pool of skills. There is literally no difference; the abstraction is that you're earning 0.75 space SP and 0.25 ground SP for every SP.

If you literally have no interest in the ground game, then all this change does to impact you is reduce by 8% the buying power of your space skills. And let's face it, the space game is easy as hell even on Élite mode.